Sooo… yeah. I haven’t been blogging or posting photos on Instagram for a couple of months now. I’ve been pretty exhausted and lost I guess. I still am. But so much has been happening, so I thought I’d give you guys and update.

In May, on my birthday, my boyfriend proposed to me. He had planned this sort of treasure hunt with clues handed to me by friends, and at the end of the hunt he went down on one knee. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so nervous, it was adorable!

We quickly decided that we’d get married this fall and have a small party, but because of some issues with the planning we decided to elope instead. So that’s happening pretty soon…

I also recently recieved the news that I got in to that University programme I wrote about a couple of months ago. School starts in September, so I’m having a bit of time off right now.

I had a job interview a while ago and actually got offered to come in on a trial run, but my anxiety levels were so high that I panicked and called it off. I had a similar thing happen a few months ago. So now I’m basically unemployed by choice. It’s not an ideal situation, I’m very aware of that, but this year I’ve really been putting my health first. I know that I’m capable, hard-working, loyal and smart, but my mental health is just not where it should be. On top of that I decided to lower my medication, against my doctor’s recommendation, and now I feel worse. So yeah, that wasn’t very smart I guess… just the usual stubbornness I suffer from. But I’ve reached out and hope to find a good psychologist soon so I can start working on my issues.

I hope to blog more and to post some pictures, but I can’t really make any promises. Thanks to those of you who pop in here from time to time, and thanks for leaving comments! <3

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